What is expected from an examiner?

It is the role of every examiner to objectively assess the competence of student doctors in a safe environment, where their performance and actions can be critically evaluated and analysed.

The skills required to be an examiner are not limited to the formal process of examining, they include a knowledge of patient care, communication and professionalism.

This role of the examiner is critical to ensure the graduating student doctors are of a standard appropriate to care for patients at FY1 level.

As you play a vital role in the student assessment process you should:

  • Contribute to the overall good conduct of the examination.
  • Be aware of the examination process.
  • Complete training for your role as an examiner.
  • Be attentive to candidates as soon as they enter the station.
  • Carefully observe the candidate’s performance.
  • Score according to the marking schedule provided.
  • Only prompt the student if indicated on their marking schedule / instructions.
  • Maintain a passive demeanour.
  • Prevent students encroaching on other students’ ‘time’.
  • Refrain from commenting about a candidate’s performance to the simulated patient.
  • Uphold the confidentiality of the OSCE station content.

Please now familiarise yourself with the timings of a typical OSCE day