Prior to attending your first OSCE of the year we request all examiners to complete online training.

The training consist of 6 short modules with one interactive marking exercise and should take approx. 1 hour in total

We recommend contemplating the modules in numerical order, however they do not all need to be completed at the same time.

A certificate of completion is available to download at the end of the marking exercise.

It is essential that new examiners complete this package and requested that experienced examiners refresh their knowledge by reviewing all modules each year.

Module 1: Welcome and overview (3 mins) 

Module 2: Examiner role and general marking (7 mins)

Module 3: Marking the overall competency (9 mins)

Module 4: Marking exercise option 1 – Foot pain consultation (20 mins) 

Module 4: Marking exercise option 2 – Cannulation (20 mins)

Module 5: Standardisation (11 mins)

Module 6: Providing feedback (17 mins) This module is for FORMATIVE exams taking place between Nov – March ONLY 

**IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE ACCESSING THESE LINKS FROM AN NHS COMPUTER, please go to https://stream.liv.ac.uk/ and search ‘OSCE Examiner Training’ to find the modules**

Additional module for first time examiners: Electronic marking demonstration

iPad demo for examiners 2018