We received some really positive feedback from our Examiner 2017 survey along with some suggestions for improvements, a few of which we have been able to implement for future exams.

“Please provide regular training videos with different scenarios”

For summer 2018 we are producing extra online marking exercises, examiners will have the opportunity to mark a procedure, and examination along with the consultation station already available.

Available end of March 2018

“A written piece of information would be useful before completing the online training”

We have added a voice recording which replicates the ‘examiner huddle’ you will have on the day of the exam which should give you more information on how to mark.

We have also made sure the supporting documents can be printed out if required.

“Provide an overview of how what to expect on the day”

Whilst this information was on the website last year prior to the exam, we have now put all examiner information into one place the ‘Examiner Zone’, hopefully this will make it easier for examiners to find all the information you will need prior to attending. 

We also plan to have an examiner noticeboard at each exam making start times, lunch break etc clear for all.

“More information needed when examiners arrive”.

We admit, depending on what time you arrived, the exam hall may have seemed a little busy with lots of people milling around, sometimes making it difficult for examiners to see what to do next!

We have therefore moved the examiner registration point out of the exam hall, examiners will now have a separate registration room with refreshments,  space to read their briefing material and chat to the other examiners marking the same station before going down to the exam hall for Q&A with the OSCE team.

“No gluten free option was offered for lunch”.

Whilst there was gluten free food available, it was not clearly labelled, we have therefore asked the caterers to ensure that all foods are clearly labelled in future.

“Some exam booths were rather cramped”

We have redesigned our layout, moved the examiner registration point out of the exam hall to maximise space meaning we have made stations slightly larger.