A typical OSCE day for an Examiner;

08.00-8.30 Arrive at the venue, register, grab a coffee, log into your ipad, read through all station material and listen to the examiner ‘huddle’, you will have the opportunity here to chat to the other examiners marking the same station

08.45-09.15 Go to your allocated meeting point for questions led by a member of the OSCE team.

09.20 All examiners and patients to return to their station to prepare for the candidates arrival.

09.30 Candidates enter and session 1 exam begins.

10.35 Session 1 ends. Examiners now have a break and refreshments before session 2.

11.05 Candidates enter and session 2 begins.

12.10 Session 2 ends.

If you are examining all day lunch is provided

13.00-13.15 New examiners to register as above

13.15 Whole day examiners to re register as above.

13.30- 14.35 Session 3 exam

15.05-16.15 Session 4 exam


Remember to collect your certificate of participation as you leave!

As you can see its a pretty tight schedule!! This is why it is essential that examiners arrive at the requested time to enable the sessions to start on time.